Temple Fund Raising - Wen's Tofu Special Offer 文氏豆干特價大義賣!!

Hi Brothers/Sisters,
Great deal!!! Wen’s Tofu is here for our Temple Fund raising sales.
The deal is $1.00 per bag or $30..00 per box (30 packs per box), and you can purchase by a box or per pack.
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry…time is near!!!! If you are interested, friends or family, please email RSVP by 10/27/2010 with Grace Chen (chen_g38@yahoo.com) (301-529-2746), Kathy Chen (kuohuac@hotmail.com) or Angel Mitchell (ahmitchella1@yahoo.com) .
The date for pick up is 10/29.
Thank you for your support and please send us an email to info@rigdzinphodrang.org if you have further questions.

一包一元,一箱三十元 。日常家菜好料理,密封包裝儲存長,即食佐料倆相宜,質高價廉賞味佳!

十月27日前請洽詢 Grace Chen (chen_g38@yahoo.com) (301-529-2746), Angel Mitchell (ahmitchella1@yahoo.com)
or Kathy Chen (kuohuac@hotmail.com) 預購您購買的數量。
提貨時間於十月29日. 我們目前已有31箱的訂購, 請大家支持!!謝謝!!

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