Food Drvie for hunger of homeless event end by 11/14.

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,
Center conducts a food drive event to donate food for homeless shelter in D.C. If you have the following items:
1. Unopened canned meals (Stews, soups)
2. Peanut Butter
3. Boxed Healthy Cereal
4. Unopened canned fruits and vegetables, tomatoes and tomato source.
5. Rices, Pasta and Dried Beans.

For the safety of those we serve, we are unable to accept the open packages, homemade items, perishable foods, or items with expired dates.
You can put the donation items to center's donation box this week and next week. The food drive will be end by 11/04.
Attached is a flyer regarding the food drive event.
Please feel free to forward this email or this flier to your friends or send an email to
info@rigdzinphodrang.org for any further information.

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