Khandola's CDs have been published in Taiwan

Dear Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters,

Khandola's CDs have been published in Taiwan.

There are two types of albums:

1. Call from the Saraswati (series 2)

More detail info can be viewed in the URL: http://www.asia-records.com.tw/product_info.php?info=p478_---------------------.html

2. Call from the Saraswati (series 3)

More detail info can be viewed in the URL: http://www.asia-records.com.tw/product_info.php?info=p479_------------------------.html

If you didn't see the link as above, you could go to their main web site: http://www.asia-records.com.tw/, those two CDs will be in the latest CDs on the front page.

If you would like to test listening the CD, please feel free to go to that site for listening.

Please contact Calvin Lin (calvinlin@yahoo.com) if you would like to purchase the CD in U.S. area. Each CD is US $10 and the cost of the CD will be donated to W.C.B.S center. There is limited quantifies of the CDs, so please pardon us if the CD has been out of stock.

Tashi Delek !

Rigzin Phodrang Vajrayana Buddhist Center

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