The fundraising plan for the establishment of a new Rigdzin Phodrang Vajrayana Buddhist Temple at U.S.A.

Thirty years ago, a group of devout Buddhists from Taiwan built a Buddhist sanctuary when they first arrived here in the United States. Despite having difficulties with both finances and manpower, they started this sanctuary in their basement and invited anyone interested in Buddhist doctrine to join them. They did their best to raise funds so that they could continue practicing Buddhism and to invite their master, the venerable Ralo Rinpoche, to the United States every two or three year to preach.

Ralo Rinpoche, who attained great achievement, is the leader of the Nyingma Pa Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism (that is in Esoteric Buddhism - the Red Faction). He is deeply studied the Buddhist doctrine, having gone into retreat for approximately 20 years and wanting to enlighten the world about Buddhist doctrine. So far he has established preaching centers in Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore, Russia, France, Egypt, and the United States....etc. all around the world. Since he first started coming to the United States to preach, his followers here has gradually increased in numbers. Currently we are able to invite the venerable Ralo Rinpoche to Washington D.C. once a year.
Our sanctuary has moved time and time again to accommodate our slowly increasing members. To allow Rinpoche's students and guests a stable and dependable environment to study the Buddhist doctrine without interfering the neighborhood, we plan on building a temple in hopes that the dharma-wheel may turn constantly, that the Buddha Dharma can take root in the United States and that the Mani prayer tube may rotate on all western believers.
The Hua-Lien Rigzin Phodrang Buddhist Temple in Taiwan was completed in early 2008. Our center has also begun to raise money to help build our temple. We have been able to raise some funds. However, we are still far from reaching the goal. We pray that you will be able to contribute to the fund with an open heart. No matter if it is a long term donation or simply a random contribution, any amount is highly appreciated.
The Rigdzin Phodrang Vajrayana Buddhist Center is a non-profit organization (501.c) rooted in Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Funded by very limited resources, we are dedicated to the propagations of various Buddhist doctrines for all interested in learning about Buddhist doctrine. In addition to our non-periodical seminars and studies, we have regular monthly dharma practices and classes in the center. You are very welcome to call us at

TEL: 703-847-0522 Web: www.rigdzinphodrang.org.

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