Prostration retreat will be held from Oct. 04, Thursday to Oct. 08, Monday.

Dear Sangha, Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

A three days of Prostration (first premiliary pratice) retreat will be held from Oct. 04, Thursday (7:00 p.m.) to Oct. 08, Monday (6:00 a.m.).
Breakfast and lunch will be provided by center. Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure adequate time for seating.

Please response back via the following registration form if you would like to participant this retreat, we need to count the total participants by 10/01. Please request the permission of the retreat from Rinpoche first. Rinpoche's contact phone number is (703) 288-0409.
Registration form of Retreat

Name of Retreat: _Prostration (first premiliary pratice) ______
English Name: _____________________ Request Date: _____/_____/_______
Dharma Name: ____________________ Contact Phone: __________________
Emergency Contact Name:________________________ Phone: ____________________
Had Permission From Ralo Rinpcohe: _________________ (Y/N)

A suggested contribution of $100 per person is recommended for the retreat. All contribution to Rigzinphodrang center (W.C.B.S.) is tax deductible.

I apologize to any in-convenience of schedule changes.
Rigzin Phodrang Vajrayana Buddhism Center

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